For those of us who work out on the regular, we often see the gym as our second home. If you like to workout in the morning workout, the steamy, crowded locker room often serves as our bathroom for getting ready for work.

The gym locker room can be tough on your morning beauty routine, making it hard to pull off a polished and put-together beauty look.

Well, that changes today with our 5-minute locker room beauty routine. This routine will not only get you off to work faster, but it will be as if got ready for work in the comfort of your home.

Your Beauty Products

You can easily pull off the perfect 9-to-5 face without lugging your entire beauty bag to the gym every morning, but you need to right makeup tools to do so.

If you spend most of your mornings getting ready for work at the gym, then you should really invest in beauty products that will better work with your locker room lifestyle. 

Look for products that are:

  • Compact 
  • Portable
  • Multi-use / dual-purpose


For example, shop for compact products like this Nar's single-shade eyeshadow instead of packing giant eyeshadow palettes; swap your 18-piece Sephora brush set for a single, multi-purpose brush and look for multi-use products like this Glossier moisturizer that's also a primer, or a cream blush that's also a lip tint

gym bag with the subtl beauty stack

The Subtl Beauty Makeup Stack is all the above, wrapped up in a single, customizable stack. It's the perfect gym makeup kit. It's compact and super-portable and contains multi-use products like our popular Lip Cheek rouge.

Your 5 Minute Locker Room Makeup Routine

woman applying makeup at the gym

Step 1. Concealer


Skip the foundation and head straight for the concealer. Foundation is very hard to apply if you're still cooling down from an intense workout. Instead, use the concealer to cover up blemishes, camouflage sleepy eyes, and blur redness and discoloration.

Step 2. Lip Cheek

Lip Cheek

Simplify your routine with our favorite multi-tasking product. Dab a Lip Cheek rouge onto your lips for a natural wash of color and use the remainder of the product on the apples of your cheeks for a subtle flush.

Step 3. Bronzer


Whether it's Winter or Summer, bronzer will always be your bff. Add a light layer across your face, focusing on your cheekbones and jawline for a slimming, defined-finish.

Need some color on your lids? Skip the big shadow palette and swipe on a little bronzer.

Step 4. Shine Control Powder 

shine control

Step 4 is reserved for Shine Control Powder, and we think you know why.

Yes, it's kind of gross, but if you're getting ready for work at the gym, you will most likely be sweating long after your shower. This is because your body is still trying to cool down after your workout and that steamy locker room only seems to make things worse, amirite?

If you've continued to sweat during your makeup application, you should finish up with a high-quality shine control powder. Use an applicator to dab the powder across your T-Zone to help soak up the excess moisture without smudging your makeup.

Step 5. Mascara

Swipe on a coat of mascara and you're good to go.