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How To Choose Your Concealer Shade Online

November 14, 2018 2 min read

top 3 resources for choosing your shades online

Buying makeup online can be TOUGH, but obviously, some products are just more difficult than others.

Making the wrong Lip and Blush color can certainly suck but nothing is more catastrophic than picking the wrong foundation or concealer shade.

The good news?

The internet is filled with resources and tools you can use to help you choose the right foundation or concealer shade online.

Lucky for you, we put together a list so you don't have to go digging in google.

Top 3 Online Tools For Choosing Your Concealer Shades

1. Subtl Beauty Concealer Chart

the Subtl Beauty concealer chart helps pick your shade based on products you've used in the past


Not to toot our own horn here, but there's a reason we created this bad boy. We just couldn't find anything else like it. 

What It Is

A chart listing 10 of the most popular brands and their concealer shades where you can compare shade names across each shade verticle.

For example: If you currently use FentySkinsticks in Wheat, this chart shows that you'll also be a Dark in the Glossier Stretch concealer, Beige in the Clinique Line Smoothing concealer, and a Medium in the Subtl Beauty concealer.

What We Like

This shade matrix is great for a quick and easy visual comparison search. It's also one of the only brand-owned shade matrix that includes other brands in the list. Most brand-owned shade finders will not mention other brands.

What We Don't Like

The list of brands and shades isn't as comprehensive as some of the others on this list.

2. Findation Shade Search Database

Add your current shade and findation will tell you your shade across multiple brands



This is the motherload of all concealer shade finders and!

What It Is

A tool you can use to search by brand, product, and shade, which will give you a list of up to 100 different brands their products and the shades that you would most likely match.

What We Like

It's super detailed and the database is rich with information.

What We Don't Like

It can be a bit time consuming when making the search. It also recommends to add two or three brands, products, and their shades in order to get the most accurate results but we have found that most women only know the product/shade they're currently using, not multiple.

3. Ulta Shades Finder

Tell Ulta your undertones and hair color and it will tell you your concealer shade


Unlike regular branded shade finders, Ulta's shade finder spans multiple brands (similar to Sephora, but Ulta's is way better.)

What We Like

They show photos of the brands/products you're looking to buy which serves as a nice visual reference.

What We Don't Like

They don't offer a comparison to other brands. It's based on generic surveyed results like your range and undertones.


Let us know if you've found a tool we haven't covered in the comments below!

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Can't find your shade? Tell us the brand you're using and we will get it added to the matrix