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A makeup touch up is that daunting, unavoidable task that you always find yourself doing during your afternoon bathroom trip. You know you need to fix your makeup, but there's always that lingering fear that you're just going to make things worse.

Touching up your makeup is all about timing, technique and having the right products on hand. Luckily for you, we have put together this handy guide of touch up tips to guarantee you'll walk out of the bathroom looking better than when you walked in.

Faded Lip Color

faded lip color
Image courtesy of Seventeen

Lipstick Touch Up Schedule: After your coffee (or 3) 

...Or any drink, really.

Lipstick is the one makeup product you will find yourself touching up the most throughout the day.

To reduce the constant re-application, swap your lipstick for a lip rouge, tint or stain. These lip products have a much longer staying power than lipstick, and if you can reduce your application quantity by 2-3 times, isn't that worth the swap?

Anyway, your lips will be most vulnerable after sipping drinks and eating food, so make sure you're pulling out your lip product after each meal.

Eyeshadow Crease

eyeshdow creasing
Image courtesy of Crissy Mac

Eyeshadow Touch Up Schedule: Every couple of hours*

Unless you've found the holy grail of eyeshadow primers, you're probably in the crease-category with the rest of us. 

Your eyeshadow starts to crease, will pretty much as soon as you walk into the office (insert major eyeroll here.)

*Layering extra coats of shadow is No Bueno. It will only solve the problem for an hour or so and then you'll end up creasing even harder later in the day.

To keep that crease at bay, we recommend using your pinky finger to gently smudge your crease-line everytime you make a trip to the bathroom. This will ensure your product isn't building up in the crease and baking itself to the point of no return.

Heading out after work? If you have plans in the evening, then now is the time to freshen up that shadow with 1 extra coat. Use a shine control powder to soak up that excess oil first, then layer away, babe!

Accidently Racoon Eyes

mascara smudge
Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Concealer Touch Up Schedule: Mid-Afternoon

If you have a sensitive under-eye area, then you're probably a victim of accidental raccoon eyes.

You know what we're talking about - that mid-day smudging when your mascara suddenly ends up under your eye (wth!) So annoying.

To fix this - you really just need to take your skin back to the base and reapply. Don't make the mistake of trying to cover the mascara with more concealer. It will look cakey, and make your eyes appear darker.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Clean off the mascara, powder, concealer, the works
  2. Once you're looking good and clean under there, gently reapply a brightening concealerlike you did earlier that day.
  3. Finish with a shine control powder to prevent the mascara from transferring back onto your skin and you should be set for the remainder of the day.

And there you have it! If you have additional touch up tips or prevention tips (please tell us about your fav eyeshadow primer!) leave a comment below.