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Don't buy that green shirt, do this instead.

November 13, 2019 1 min read

Have you ever been shopping at the beginning of the season and thought "Neeeeeed that lime green shirt that's been all over insta." Well, same.

The problem is you can only wear that shirt a couple of times before the season arrives, and that lime green trend goes.

To create a wardrobe that will last beyond a season, we recommend opting for capsule pieces; Items that rarely go out of style, always look cute and can pair with anything. 

So what about makeup?

It can be so tempting to add that fifth eyeshadow palette to your collection but let's be real, we both know you don't need it.

Stick to the products you're reaching for every single day and ditch the rest. We took that exact same approach when building the Subtl Beauty Stack. Only the basics, none of the bs.

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